Are you feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, under-appreciated, or just plain stuck in your life, career, and relationships?

Get ready to Make Your Now WOW!

Are you someone who is…

to focus time and energy on realizing your goals and dreams?

to find purpose and fulfillment in your work, and ready to explore careers that are a great fit?

to put your needs first – and hold yourself accountable?

a path to process emotions surrounding loss of job or job change?

about new career opportunities that align with your values and life purpose?

for meaning and coping strategies in surviving the death of a loved one (family or friend)?

to making positive lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, meditation, and mindfulness, and want an accountability partner?

to live the life that you truly desire and deserve?

If you said “yes” to any of the above,
contact me NOW, and start feeling the WOW!

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“You’ve Arrived at Your Destination”

I am a big fan of Waze;  a community based traffic and navigation app which relies on Waze’ers to alert other Waze’ers about traffic jams, stalled cars, accidents, and when a police cruiser is...

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What is all this WOW stuff about anyway?

… and how I can I make my Now, WOW? Good day friends of WOW!  First and foremost, a GIANT WOW and Thank You for participating in the first of MANY WOW DAY CELEBRATIONS....

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Set your calendars to WOW!

Please join us and help us to kickoff and celebrate our first annual “Week of WOW” as we celebrate the WOW himself, Jacob Weiskopf!  We are encouraging all of Jacob’s friends and loved ones...

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Now on

Why Always Saying “YES” at Work is Actually Killing Your Career Goals

By Anne Weiskopf


“Anne’s coaching helped me gain clarity on a number of issues that have repeatedly tripped me up in my personal and professional growth. Our work together resonates with me to this day. She is a funny, intelligent, deeply compassionate person with great insights and strategies for helping others to see and realize their potential.”

– C.S., Boston, MA


“Anne was an incredible sounding board for parts of my life I was struggling to organize and understand. She listens with an undeniable genuine interest and compassion. Her open and understanding, yet bold and no-nonsense attitude, helped guide me through our conversations and find meaning in my own words and thoughts.”

– S.T., Allston, MA


“Working with Anne is a truly collaborative process that has helped me to recognize my own strengths and how to rely on them. I feel charged and empowered from our work together and the perspective she brings. Always one to call it as she sees it, Anne is the perfect mix of tough, compassionate, caring and wickedly funny.”

– JCW, Cambridge, MA

I am the Spark that Ignites the Volcano of WOW!