From the moment I met Anne I was like WOW. I knew I had to work with her. When the time was right, I worked with Anne to help me overcome some roadblocks and help me work on some strategies and visualizations. She has helped me find my guide, and her coaching style and skills were exactly what I needed to get me to the next level of where I wanted to be. Thank you, Anne, for your guidance and leadership in helping me have the confidence and belief in my skills to grow to my phase as a business owner and person. Anne’s personality is also wonderful and encouraging, I really enjoyed working with her and highly recommend her to coach you to your finding an improved version of yourself, whatever that might be.

  • – L.M., Hudson, MA

Six years ago, Anne magically came into my life. A year ago, she propped me up and got me back on track as I headed toward the end of my role at AARP. She is the kind of career coach who will help you identify your own powers of WOW. Check out Make Your Now WOW! I’m so thankful Anne is on my side.

  • J.L.R., Missouri

Anne is always there as a guide, and positive influence on my life. Having her as a coach, has helped me to focus my energy towards what I want to create in my life, and has helped me in ways that I didn’t even know I desired change. And, what I learned about myself, is that I create the WOW I desire my own life.

  • D.D, Northborough, MA

Anne is a wise (and wise-cracking) soul committed to making her client’s now WOW. Her direct and calm empathetic style, peppered with a dose of accountability, is never invasive and always supportive and intuitive.

  • E.O., Marlborough, MA

Anne‘s coaching has helped me realize my potential in life and the powers that I have. She has talked me through many difficult situations and has made me aware of the negative language I sometimes use towards myself. I love the relationship that she has created between us. Her reliability and respectfulness of confidentiality are two qualities that make her a great coach.

  • S.C., Boston, MA

I was referred to Anne and WOW am I happy I made the decision to be coached by her! Anne genuinely gives a sh*t. Personally, she helped me notice the lack of trust in myself. She taught me how to change negative or “old” stories I told myself into positive & empowering NEW realities through multiple perspectives! Anne is NOT abrasive unless that’s what you ask her to be… (LOL). However always helps you to stay accountable to whatever it is you’re working to accomplish. She can aid you in realizing and facing any self-sabotaging thoughts that we all deal with from time to time. Anne is True to YOU – and the experience you want or need. She tailors her coaching style to your “uniqueness”. Thank you, Anne!

  • D.F., Muncy, PA

Coaching with Anne was a very helpful and fun experience. She helped me to feel better about myself, and encouraged me to set goals and think about new ways of doing things. Anne is a great listener and our weekly chats were useful and enjoyable. So whether you have had a life shattering experience or are just in a rut, I would enthusiastically recommend having Anne as your coach to help you to get your life back on track – and make your Now WOW!

  • S.F, Sudbury, MA

Anne’s coaching helped me gain clarity on a number of issues that have repeatedly tripped me up in my personal and professional growth. Our work together resonates with me to this day. She is a funny, intelligent, deeply compassionate person with great insights and strategies for helping others to see and realize their potential.

  • C.S., Boston, MA

Anne’s intuitive strength and compassion provided a framework that made it comfortable to explore several challenges that were holding me back from moving forward in my career. I continue to use many of the tools that she taught me and feel more able to become my best self.

  • E.S., Washington D.C.

Anne is an amazing soul. As vocal as she can be, her heart is larger than her voice. She has a way of providing unconditional love to her clients. She can also hold space while keeping you accountable to your goals. She is the most sassy and empathetic coach ever! I came to her with a bucket list of ‘issues’ but what was really happening the entire time was my own misperception of a simple solution. She just listened  intently without judgement, while I figured out how to look at the issue from a different perspective. It was an ‘ah-ha’ moment.  I had the answer the entire time! Thank you for that Anne. You have helped me re-own my power again. The best part was it never left! I recommend Anne to any and every woman who is looking for a Coach, advocate, and a gentle mirror.

  • K.M., New Bedford, MA

Beyond supportive, having Anne in your corner is like having a ‘silent partner’ in business. She is a great advisor, mentor and friend.

  • E.M., Medford, MA

Anne creates a safe and protected environment for deep self-exploration and learning.

  • M.Z., Natick, MA

Anne was an incredible sounding board for parts of my life I was struggling to organize and understand. She listens with an undeniable genuine interest and compassion. Her open and understanding, yet bold and no-nonsense attitude helped guide me through our conversations and find meaning in my own words and thoughts.

  • S.T., Allston, MA

Working with Anne helped me recover from losing my job and feeling very badly about it, to feeling positive and empowered! Anne also guided me to identify and recognize that there are significantly more career opportunities for me!

  • A.S., Framingham, MA

Working with Anne is a truly collaborative process that has helped me to recognize my own strengths and how to rely on them. I feel charged and empowered from our work together and the perspective she brings. Always one to call it as she sees it, Anne is the perfect mix of tough, compassionate, caring and wickedly funny.

  • JCW, Cambridge, MA

…Within the first ten minutes, I was sold on the format and on Anne. She gently helped me recognize my minute-to-minute self-sabotaging, and convinced me that I was, indeed, strong enough to follow my gut on some seriously difficult life decisions. I highly recommend Anne to any woman who is at a crossroads in life and feeling a little lost, whether personally, professionally, or both.

  • L.B. Ontario, Canada

I’m in my mid thirties and about six months ago, I noticed that I was struggling with finding worth in myself. I have always had a tendency of taking on too much, of putting so much pressure on myself to be perfect and being hard on myself when it doesn’t happen, and of people pleasing.

Most of that is stuff I had worked on years ago and felt like I had control, but it snuck back up so quietly I didn’t see it coming – until it was affecting me significantly. On top of that, I knew I wanted to tweak some qualities about myself that I felt like were affecting me professionally.

A few people I respect immensely posted about a woman they adored who is a life coach. I called her and started coaching. It’s been one of the best investments in my life. She’s incredibly insightful and wise. She mixes both of those with a great personality and so much encouragement.

I love her ability to cut through my BS and call me out on my flaws, but also build me up at the same time.

What I specifically love about coaching v. counseling at this point in my life is that it is present focused and focused on enhancing what is going right, believing I am whole exactly as I am.

Recently I’ve started noticing just how many things have changed in me over this time and I am thankful! I have more confidence in myself, more self-love/appreciation, and my eyes are being opened to the things that no longer serve me. If you are ever looking for a coach, I highly recommend Anne Weiskopf. She rocks!

  • C.B., Wichita, KS

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