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Is this you? | Anne Weiskopf

Is this you?

Are You…

• READY to focus time and energy on realizing your goals and dreams?

EAGER to find purpose and fulfillment in your work and want to explore which type of careers would be a great fit for you?

• WANTING to improve your relationship with a spouse, parent, child, sibling?

• EXPLORING how to put your needs first – and hold yourself accountable to this goal?

• SEEKING a path to process emotions surrounding loss of job or job change?

• CURIOUS about new career opportunities that align with your values and life purpose?

• LOOKING for meaning and coping strategies in surviving the death of a loved one (family or friend)?

• COMMITTED to making positive lifestyle changes, such as diet, exercise, meditation and mindfulness, and want an accountability partner?

• READY to live the life that you truly desire and deserve!

My life purpose is dedicated to unleashing the remarkable capabilities that exist in all people!


I bring an abundance of energy and empathy, coupled with a genuine curiosity about each person’s unique potential. Through a series of assessments, discovery, and deep self-reflection, my resourceful clients are able to identify areas of their lives which can benefit from improved alignment, and those that require wholesale change.

My amazing clients learn how to trust their intuition, and to unleash their remarkable talents and capabilities while standing resolute in their magnificent selves!

Anne was an incredible sounding board for parts of my life I was struggling to organize and understand. She listens with an undeniable genuine interest and compassion. Her open and understanding, yet bold and no-nonsense attitude helped guide me through our conversations and find meaning in my own words and thoughts.”

– S.T., Allston, MA

Anne creates a safe and protected environment for deep self-exploration and learning.”

– M.Z., Natick, MA

Anne is a wise (and wise-cracking) soul committed to making her client’s now WOW. Her direct and calm empathetic style, peppered with a dose of accountability, is never invasive and always supportive and intuitive.

– E.O., Marlborough, MA