“You’ve Arrived at Your Destination”

I am a big fan of Waze;  a community based traffic and navigation app which relies on Waze’ers to alert other Waze’ers about traffic jams, stalled cars, accidents, and when a police cruiser is nearby.

Waze’s slogan is “Nothing can beat real people working together” which is both a wonderful intention, and something that Waze delivers on via the participation of the Waze community. 

Having said that, my favorite Waze’s moment is when I arrive at the location that I entered into my Waze app, and I hear the following:

“You’ve Arrived at Your Destination”  

My first reaction is, “Hoorah! I’m here, and I got a parking spot! 

My next thought is “What is my destination?” And now I’m thinking  much more broadly than DUH, my apartment, and I shift < see what I did there?  into a metaphorical inquiry about my life, my work, my passions, and where I am on the journey to fulfillment.

In many Waze < see what I did there ?  We are constantly moving towards our destination, or away from it;  either towards fulfillment, or away from fulfillment.

If you’re having trouble finding your destination, sign up for a 30 minute WOW Session. While Waze’s is wonderful, finding your WOW is AMAZING!! Let’s talk about how together we can help you get to your destination!