Forget about New Year’s Resolutions – Try a WOW Solution!

Let’s forget about New Year’s resolutions…. and plan for a “WOW Solution” in 2020!

You know the drill, it’s New Year’s Eve and emboldened by a wonderful holiday break with family and friends, all positive changes feel doable – be nicer to the husband, be more patient with the kids, eat healthier, and join that that gym you’ve been meaning to join since LAST New Year’s Eve! The impact of New Year Goal Setting can be to set yourself up for failure way before the clock starts the countdown to “3-2-1 Happy New Year” (cue the horns) even begins.

A great place to start is being aware as to what a “WOW 2020” might look like for you! For example, a WOW Year may include losing 15 pounds. But what if – instead of  focusing solely on the scale – how about committing  to eating a more healthy diet… one that still leaves room for an occasional treat.

Which brings me back to  signing up for a gym!  It’s a great idea if you plan to take advantage of it, but often times as the calendar moves into February,  we aren’t going to the gym, and then we we beat ourselves up for paying for the membership that we aren’t taking advantage of.

So forget that. Let’s GET REAL!! Pick 5 things that you want to REALLY commit to in 2020. Maybe for you it’s finding a great new job, more time with family and friends, or finally taking that long overdue family vacation.

An awesome 2020 is calling you. Will you answer?

A happy, safe, and spacious 2020 to all of the Women of WOW!!

– Anne

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