Don’t wait for a crisis to create your Self-Care routine!

Why is it that it takes our world falling apart before we think to “put the oxygen mask on ourselves first?” I believe part of challenge is the pace at which we are living our lives, and all of the responsibilities we women have at work, at home, with children, and as we get older, taking care of our parents.

Given all of our responsibilities, we constantly short change ourselves. And by “short change” I mean we put aside activities that reduce stress and anxiety, which ironically allows us to be more centered and focused.

But here’s some good news!  There are many ways to benefit from a self-care routine, one that is tailored to your preferences. For instance, some women are runners, I am a walker and a hiker. Another example is I’m recently a convert of meditation. I used to make up stories about having to sit quietly for an hour while “omming” the entire time, but in my meditation practice, I sit in my “Zero Gravity Chair” for 10 minutes 2 times a day. If you’ve never experienced one of these chairs, do yourself a favor and give it a whirl!

Here are some starter suggestions for your self-care routine:

  1. Go outside for 10 minutes a day, every day, regardless of the weather
  2. Call your oldest & dearest friend, you know, the one you have not spoken with in a while, but she always makes you feel so much better about everything
  3. Take a break from the TV – always a good idea, but even more so at this particular time in history!
  4. Pet a cat
  5. Pet a dog
  6. Watch a movie – I mean go to a theatre, get yourself some popcorn, and push the recline button until you are literally horizontal!
  7. Have a dance party by yourself; and turn the music up to 11!!
  8. Find an organization that is aligned with your values and offer to volunteer your time.
  9. Make time to hang out with your oldest friend, the one who literally can make you laugh until you’re certain that you’re going to pee yourself if she doesn’t stop.
  10. Remember that tomorrow will bring a brand new day; and you’re going to kick the crap out of it!

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