Will you choose “Tricked” or “Treated”?

It’s Halloween! A holiday replete with excited children (and adults) picking out the perfect costume, be it a fairy princess, the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or the first woman to become President of the United States!  In addition to eager children, there are many adults – myself included – who count Halloween as a favorite holiday, and relish in the retrieval of sugary substances like “candy corn” (which is definitely better than actual corn on the cob, though it’s not nearly as beneficial as leafy greens, though I digress)!

What if you took the opportunity to really consider how you are being “treated” at work, home, in your relationships, and just as importantly, or maybe more, how are you treating yourself, like a fairy princess or a wicked witch? In other words, is your perspective coming from “Abundance” or “Scarcity”?

In Abundance – a/k/a the “WOW” – everything is possible!

In Scarcity, there are only crumbs, and a few half-eaten candy corns.

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Happy Halloween to the Wonderful Women of WOW!

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